Listen up football fans…

Joe Bower shared this back on December 11, and I’ve been thinking about the analogy I considered ever since, so I thought others might want to weigh in… “Chris Wejr wrote a fantastic post where he reflected on an article that explained how Aboriginal students were being offered cash incentives for their grades. Chris asks a number of provocative qu…Expand this item »
Below is a comment that I posted through Google Reader dealing with my thoughts on this article…
This post reminded me of a conversation I had earlier today about teacher incentive pay. The colleague I was talking with, made the analogy that the STAR3 program would be like “recruiting the best quarterback”, and that their success would equal our success… I immediately started thinking about all of the amazing college quarterbacks who got drafted (first round) and were not successful in the NFL and I found this post from a NY Times blogger: 

“So what’s the downside of drafting a quarterback early?

Of the 16 teams that currently have a losing record, 11 have used a first-round pick on a quarterback in the last 10 years. Palmer is the only one currently starting for his team. (Stafford would also be starting if he wasn’t injured). Each of these teams dedicated time and resources to the development of a young quarterback — with little gained in return.” (from

So many times the linemen are overlooked, even though they are responsible for any success that a QB is able to have. They put their heads and hearts on the line because they love the game and can’t imagine life without it. They do it for less money, less notoriety, fewer sign-on bonus opportunities, and more personal sacrifice. It seems like our team managers and coaches (Central Office and Administrators) should be focused more on building their team’s “line” (non math, language arts, and/or science) with educators who teach with their heart and appreciate the opportunity to educate, and who have persevered under ridicule, abuse, neglect, lack of respect, and low pay, but they do it with a smile and a hug and a cheerful greeting to students who come into their classroom!

Not to say that those “QB’s” don’t do that as well, but I’d like to make certain that they are doing it for the right reasons and not just to rake in an extra 10G’s for working in a high-need school.  FYI:  All schools are high need, they’re children!

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