Sex, Relationships, and Body Changes, OH MY! (Cross post from Media and Technology Blog)

This was my first forray in blogging for my school’s Media and Technology blog.  It was a reflection from a recent lesson that I taught in health that was really fun for my students!

Sex, Relationships, and Body Changes, OH MY!

That’s right folks! It’s that magical time of year where I get to take a day each week and devote to talking with students about the importance of abstinence, inform them about the amazing changes that their bodies are going through, and discuss healthy relationships. I actually do not mind teaching health at all, because I get to know my students REALLY well and I enjoy co-teaching with the PE teacher on days that girls and boys have to be separated. What I do mind, however, is the scripted lessons and videos that put kids to sleep. The bright spot is that the 8th grade curriculum is MUCH more relaxed and allows me to get creative. Which brings me to today!

I drew from a somewhat interesting activity from the 8th grade curriculum, “Thinking About Abstinence” in which students pretend to be a radio talk show host who provides advice for teens and they write responses to the simulated questions. In the past, its been an ok activity where a few students felt enthusiastic, but in the end the responses go into the recycling bin. So, after some inspiring training on Blogging yesterday, presented by Tara and Forrest, I decided to try a different approach.

As students entered, I allowed them to choose their groups of 4 (always best to let them choose when dealing with sensitive material…). I had the dinosaur desktop, school laptop, my own laptop, and my iPod Touch ready to go with the website I created. Students read through the write-in questions, as if they were e-mails, and, as a group, generated responses.

Later, my 6th grade students read through the 8th graders responses and voted on the ones that they thought were best. Then, in groups, using my resources and their own iPhones!, they came up with questions about teen issues that they would like for the 8th graders to discuss. The 8th grade groups that have the most votes will actually record their responses to the real 6th grade questions! I am thinking they could either just do straight podcasts or even a Voki.

The entire process of creating this lesson took maybe one hour, and that includes creating the website, creating the forms with questions, and trouble-shooting the issue of embedding a form in a website (thanks Forrest!). It was really easy and fun. The worst part was when the students were all engaged and talking with each other and I was bored! Luckily, it gave me time to overhear conversations about whether or not their response was too mean, if their sentences made sense, and even some spell checking! I also could not get over how seriously they took this assignment. Even though I explained to some groups that this was not real, I still had students saying that they wanted to meet the students who wrote in! It reminded me of a recent TED Talk that I watched about robots and how people get really attached to robots!



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3 Responses to Sex, Relationships, and Body Changes, OH MY! (Cross post from Media and Technology Blog)

  1. Monica Bruce says:

    Okay, this is the first entry I’ve read in your blog and it’s very interesting. I like this idea. My wheels are- a- turning to figure out how I can do this in my class. Thanks for sharing.
    Also, Tara and Forrest rock!!

    • dancecookie says:

      Yes, Tara and Forrest are so inspiring! They make me want to follow through on crazy ideas like this one! This lesson was soooooo easy, so please think of a way to do it because the students were SUPER into it! It was a simple Google Form and Site. I think you could do something with the food words you recently worked with, maybe a review of a restaurant… I don’t know, but I think everyone should get to experience their students talking about authentic ideas, even if they don’t teach sex ed 🙂

  2. It is rare to come across a professional in whom you will surely have some trust. In the world today, nobody genuinely cares about showing others the way out in this subjecttopic. How blessed I am to have now found a really wonderful blog as this. It is people like you who really make a real difference nowadays through the thoughts they share.

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