#Mondaymorningglory (Cross-post from Media & Technology Blog)

Just completed Twitter training with our entire staff on Friday and decided to try the following: (I totally stole this idea, so feel free to steal away for your own school/workplace!)

Twitter Challenge – #mondaymorningglory Week 1.0

Hey folks! So, in an effort to get people using Twitter, [T-Bear], [Tree-Hugger], and I have designed a little collaborative project for teachers to participate in. I have recently been participating in #sundaymorningstory with @herzwords where folks from around the world tweet pics in of what they’re doing on Sunday morning and he weaves them together in his blog herzwords.wordpress.com. So, we thought it would be fun for our staff to share exciting things that are happening in (and out) of the classroom. You can tweet them anytime during the week and check-in on Monday to see what people have shared.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Recognize a moment of “glory” in your week and take a pic of whatever is happening.
  2. E-mail your pic (and text if you like) to 633joimah@tumblr.com OR, if you have a smart phone or are really tech savvy, tweet the pic with the hash-tag #mondaymorningglory.
  3. Check in msmstech.tumblr.com or search the hash #mondaymorningglory on Mondays and see what our staff has shared!!

I will try to weave the pics together on the Media and Technology Blog… I am actually planning to Skype with Chris Herz, author of the #sundaymorningstory next week. So if you think you might be interested but want more info or have questions about how to do it, e-mail or tweet me @dancecookie,  and I’ll get you hooked up. There are a few things to consider:

  • Don’t take pics of students’ faces. Try to get creative (backs of heads, hands writing/calculating, etc)
  • No student names or other staff (unless they approve). Many bloggers give nicknames to their co-workers (in an effort to protect the innocent I presume).
  • Be prepared to explain yourself…LUCYYYYYYY! This might create interest in innovative practices, so be prepared to share your lesson plans, resources, and successes with others!
  • No “brown-nosing”… the point is share your passion, so try to think about choosing something you are really proud of or that represents you… if you really love your word-wall, fine, ok, but there’s no point system in this, so pick things that are unique to you!

If this sounds “lame” to you, or a waste of your time, fine, no biggy. This is not mandatory by any means. I hope you will check-in to see what others shared and if you like what you see, swallow your pride and participate next week. This is a great opportunity to get to know other professionals in the building while sharing favorite practices!

If you are a perfectionist, don’t stress over this! In the tech world, this project would be considered “BETA” so we expect there to be a learning curve on how to accomplish this challenge. I, for one, love to be a part of the BETA stage, because I love to solve problems and overcome challenges. If you’re not like me, feel free to wait it out until week 2.0 and jump in once the bugs are taken care of, but don’t write yourself out until you at least give it a chance!

Happy tweeting!



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