#MondayMorningGlory 1.0 (Cross-post from Media and Technology Blog)

When everyone’s gone, and the lights go off on school, ever wonder what drives the people? What are teacher’s passions, goals, and daydreams. What brings wonder into our lives? Here are a few stories from Week 1.0 of the #MondayMorningGlory.
Imagine this Amanda’s surprise when she received this picture by text! First, that the 60-year-old grandparent knew how to send pictures by text, and second, that her 2-year-old was controlling the computer by mouse (a feat that was exhausting him just 12 hours earlier). Passion for new experiences drives learning. Passion for anything drives living!

Maybe you think that children should get outside and play more… It’s true that fresh air and muscle engagement tend to contribute to happier and healthier (and longer) lives. Take it from Bob, when you do what you’re passionate about, it feels like you never grew up.
For Tara, passion can mean overcoming great challenge, like climbing to the top of Mount Everest! I’m sure that anyone who’s reached that peak would describe how passion helped them to keep going when it seemed too hard or even hopeless. I’m sure they would share the inner dialogue that consumed them, reminding them of the hard work it took just to start this journey, and of the reward they will receive when they reach the top. Probably they will speak of the connection they share with the climbers who came before them, and the human connection to nature and challenge.
Whether its climbing the highest mountain, or floating in the clearest waters, passion can make a dream come true. As you go about your week, take time to talk about your passions and ask others what they are passionate about!
Our inspiration? Christopher Herz’s #sundaymorningstory, connecting people from around the world each week http://herzwords.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/sunday-morning-story-2-19-11/.



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