Ode to My Feet

From ballet barres to bar room floors,
From taps on hardwood planks to bare feet on marley mats,
From shagging at a family wedding to hula lessons on a family cruise,
From 5,6,7,8 right back to 1,2,3,4,
From sequin leotards to printed lapas,
From twirling batons to safety falls,
From the best teachers to the best students,
From the top of my axial skeleton to the tips of my beautifully callused toes,

Thank you, Dance, for keeping me on my toes while staying grounded, and providing the best challenges in the most familiar spaces!

Happy National Dance Day!



About CookforEd

I am petitioning to run for WS/FCS School Board in the 2018 General Election. Please follow this blog to learn about why I want to take a more active role in education policy in my community.
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One Response to Ode to My Feet

  1. jonathan cook says:

    Beautiful Babe, beautiful.

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